23 thoughts on “First Youtube entry; Insecurity.

  1. Oh stop it you were not on the outside of my friend circle. I loved you always then and now. I enjoyed having you in gym class to bitch about gym class πŸ˜‚ Or in any history class because fuck history. 😘😘😘 kudos to you for making these blogs.

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  2. You always been an amazing person, easy to talk to and your gorgeous!! I love your video so much and I can most definitely relate to it.

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      1. Aww you already know! You have blossomed into an amazing woman<3 I admire your strength and love your blog's. I always wanted to do one but never got around to it.

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  3. But heyyyyy now he’s fat and ugly. #karma and when were you an outsider? I’m pretty sure we were all in the same circle. Did the morning meets in the lobby; and walks in the hall mean nothing to you? 😐

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  4. Love youuu β€πŸ˜™ Great job! Miss your little pep talks! They always helped back in the day when we would be going through some s#!t. Lol keep it up.

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  5. 1. You’re absolutely right, you’re beautiful.

    2. I know how feeling like an outsider in your group of friends feels like. It’s such an odd and strange feeling.

    3. I love how the negativity brought out something so beautiful and positive in you. Where in most cases negativity only leads to more negativity. I aspire to be like you where I too can turn a negative into a positive.

    Good job on the video darling. Can’t wait to watch more. πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ

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  6. The true Beauty of ppl is on the inside. I think it’s important for everyone to work on themselves because we’ve all been through stuff.

    “All the times we were going through it we didn’t realize we were growing through it”

    Glad you’re in a good space. Congrats on the blog, keep em coming.

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      1. You actually ensure it is seem really easy together with your prnseetation but I find this topic to become really something I think I’d never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I will be excited for your next post, I am going to attempt to have the hang of it!

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