The day I started my blog.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had inside when I was leaving work one day. I remember it was that “I want to cry, but I don’t know why” type of sentiment. I called one of my best friends because I was walking in the middle of Mid-town New York about to have a break down.

I was looking at the screen of my IPhone just thinking this girl better pick up her face-time. When Randee finally picked up of course that’s when the tears started rolling. I just needed someone to vent to. I knew the last place I wanted to go was home. I spoke with her as I was trying to figure out where I can go sit and have time to myself.

There’s this little section not too far from my job that has chairs where you can take a seat and just enjoy the view. Of course she knew I wasn’t letting her off of the phone. She planned on staying for my mess of emotions.

I remember telling her how sad I was that my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be. The age “25” sounds so scary to me because I thought by this time I would be set in life the way I planned. As I was getting upset I just recollect looking at all of the people walking through Manhattan hustling and on their way to their next destination. She started to talk to me about the blog I wanted to create. Reassuring me that if I went on to do something I love to do I would feel much happier. She was right. We spoke about how hard people work for the things they love. Sometimes you sit and think “how do they have the time for all of that?”


I never thought I would have so many people enjoy the words and paragraphs I compose the way I’ve encountered after starting my blog. I needed that push from the day when I was so sad to really go for it. I told myself no matter how tired you get, no matter how many times you make feel discouraged, you will do this. That’s exactly what I did. As soon as I got home I took a long hot shower to gather all of my thoughts. When I was done I turned on the computer and I just typed.

Writing doesn’t take too much thought from me, it just flows. I’m not saying I’m a natural. I mean that I just let whatever feels natural coming from my fingertips happen. I like to write freely. I don’t think about what will get the most views or likes. I feel that when you do something you love others can feel the love in it. I try to keep things as real and raw as possible because this blog is ME.

One of the happiest moments for me this year would have to be the moment I clicked “Publish” on my first entry. I had this sense of pride glowing inside of me. This blog to me is my baby, my creation. No matter what I write or the days I feel this won’t go anywhere, I will not stop. Writing is a passion for me.

“If you do something that you love, you’re never really working.”

That is one of the truest things I’ve ever heard. I encourage everyone who has a dream or a passion to set out for it. Life is about taking risks. From what all seemed to be a dream is really starting to turn into a reality. I appreciate all of the people who have supported and reached out to me with such kind words. It feels great to know some of the things I write can really help people with the encounters they’ve endured. The fact that people can relate to my stories and experiences makes me love doing this even more.

I’m not sure where this blog will ever take me or if it will ever take me anywhere at all. Just know that everything you read or see is done with love and passion.

I just wanted to share the back story of how I got started. I wanted to show that sometimes a sad tearful day can even push you to do your greatest work.

Thank you to everyone who continues to read, watch and support my blog.


9 thoughts on “The day I started my blog.

  1. I love that you made something positive out of something so negative. I don’t think anyone is ever truly satisfied with where they are. But like you said, they just have to make the time to achieve the stuff that will make them happy.

    Keep it up darling. 💜

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