“Money Ain’t A Thing”

“I don’t care too much for money, cause money cant buy me love.”

When I tell you I was about five years old when my Father literally would have my sister and myself chanting this, ITS THE TRUTH. I was born in Brooklyn where my two parents resided. Long story short they didn’t work out and eventually I moved to Long Island. My mother had wound up being with someone else who wasn’t my Father. This was when I was around the age of four years old. It also meant that me moving didn’t really mean much to me.

I grew up with my own family issues. One side of my family living 75 miles one way and the other living 75 miles the other. All I ever knew was “75 MILES AWAY.” I swear my Mother instilled that in my head. I come from a family that has a lot of money on both sides. My mother married my Step Father who definitely was financially stable. My Father is apart of a family that is financially stable themselves as well. Its nothing new to be around, trust me.

I didn’t learn about value through the “money.” THAT is what the weird thing is. Of course I wanted what every other kid received. I wanted that plus more, especially because even at a young age I knew what my family had. I’ve always been the type to appreciate things though, my life wasn’t always “Money this and Money that.”

As much money as my Fathers side of the family had, we didn’t live with him. He didn’t have a big apartment or a big place to stay when we would come to Brooklyn. He didn’t need one, so what was the point? He lived with my Abuela who had come here straight from Dominican Republic. My Father had come here straight from a Country he knew everything about, to a strange place that had helped make is life better because of my Abuela.

I’ll never forget the apartment. There was a fire escape outside of our bedroom window. When I tell you my sister and I used to have so much fun with so little. I still remember it to this day. We used to tie strings to our Pocahontas toys and hang them from the fire escape. Somehow, someway, this entertained the hell out of us.

We would come from Long Island. This is where we had our own bedrooms to visit Brooklyn where we shared a room with our Dad. I can’t remember what size bed we had but all I remember is my Father lining up the chairs from out kitchen next to the bed and putting pillows on top of the chairs. Just to make my sister and I comfortable he would sleep on the end of the bed on top of those same pillows on the chair with no complaint ever.

THIS IS PART OF WHAT HAS HUMBLED ME TODAY. I could wake up in the morning with $10 left to my name and if I know someone else needed it I would give it to them with no problem. Money has never meant anything to me. This is something HUGE that my Father has taught me. The fact my Father literally slept so uncomfortable for his only two daughters with NO COMPLAINTS EVER has literally humbled me so much in life.

I have continuously been around family with so much money and my own Father could have had only $100 to his name and would rather treat everyone than to save it for himself. This is what I mean when I say “Money ain’t a thing.”

I’ve always been the type who would rather give than to receive. This is not because of anything else but the feeling I gain inside knowing I was able to help someone else. I was raised on both sides like I have said. Raised on both sides with money, and both sides knowing that money could surround me all day long and still mean nothing.

I definitely want to be successful in my life and there is no question about it. One thing I do want my future children to know is that just like me, money can buy you materials, but happiness is not something that is bought. I truly thank my Father for that lesson I have learned in life.

All my life I have worked in jobs that I am truly proud of. Jobs that I can put on my resume and say wow Brittinie, you did great. Even to this day, no matter how much money I make or do not make.. I will never stop helping others. One of the happiest feelings I can possibly feel is knowing that I was able to give someone something that unfortunately they were not able to give themselves.

I would give my last for a stranger, and if you know me, that is the truth. I have grown up in such an environment of seeing both sides of my family always willing to give without taking. That means so much to me, truthfully. The past few weeks have passed by and I have felt so much chaos in this world. This has opened my eyes even more to how the people in this world GENUINELY need to come together as one to support one another.

We are all of different races, colors, descents, and religions. At the end of the day SUPPORT AND SACRIFICE COMBINES IN TRAGEDY AND WE BECOME ONE..

We can not only come together once the world is no longer in order. We need to stick by and stand by our people at all times. WHEN I SAY OUR PEOPLE.. I do not mean only the people who are the same as “us” but all countries, states, continents combined as one.

This time more than ever we all need each other. We honestly have NO IDEA what can happen today compared to what can happen tomorrow. So many people are worried about the wealthy and the money.. NO, MONEY IS NOT A PREROGATIVE.

Our country gives out MILLIONS for the lottery, Millions for celebrity homes and SO MUCH MORE. We need to put ourselves in other people’s shoes at certain times. We need to say to ourselves “Would I want my family going through that?” THEN we need to really evaluate our answers to determine the type of people we actually should be.

This world has turned so many people into money hungry evil monsters. At the end of the day.. MONEY WILL NOT HUG YOU, MONEY WILL NOT KISS YOU GOODBYE. Money may put you in a prettier casket than others, but money will have you in the same dirt with other dirts and bugs like the rest of us.

SEPARATE YOURSELVES from society and what other people think “life is really about.” You can make money, you can spend money HOWEVER YOU WANT.. Just remember, we all have the same flesh, we all bleed the same BLOOD.. MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING.



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