Caught him.

Since the day I started to release my writing publicly I have prided myself on real life stories. This comes with lessons, experiences and even embarrassment. I’m here to show others that life is not always going to be perfect and I’m here to advocate that even the worst that you are going through, someone else is going through the same thing too.Let’s take it back to March 2015. I received a call from my then boyfriend.

It was about 1 AM when I received the “Babe I’m going to sleep, I’ll talk to you tomorrow” type of call. This isn’t an abnormal call for a significant other to undergo especially when being in a long relationship. Unfortunately in the past I had encountered him cheating. Although I took him back in order to “trust” him again, this led me to question my insecurities and my own judgments.

First of all, he called from his damn house phone. Who doesn’t have a cell phone now a days? I know he damn sure does. So like the crazy Dominican, Italian girl that I am.. I automatically thought “Why the F*^& is he calling me from his house phone?” I didn’t say anything though because through my experience I’ve learned guys LOVE to play the


I sat there in bed for the next few hours with my stomach hurting. As a woman there are certain intuitions that we get that we just can’t leave alone. Knowing that I had to wake up for work at 6 AM all I could think of was the amount of time that I had left to sleep and what the hell my man was doing.

I debated on calling him back but I told myself “No Brittinie, you trust him.”

I literally told myself this for a good hour until I could no longer hold back. Finally my instinct forced me to give in and I gave his ass a call.

His phone went straight to voicemail. OH HELL F*CKING NO. At this point I’m fuming. My Stomach is hurting, feelings are causing me to shake all through my body. I’m just hoping that this is me being a psychopath and that I’m not about to have to cause a f*cking ruckus.

At this time I had an older car that made a hell of noise when I was driving. I said f*ck this and asked my Mom if I could use hers.

Of course she questioned me but I wasn’t here for it. I told her “Listen I need to see if ***** is home and I can’t use my own car. During this time I had always remembered this one block name that my ex was always at with his friends that I never trusted.

I remember driving and praying to God saying “Please let him be home, please.” We had been together 9 years at this time and the last thing I could handle was another heart break from him like I’ve endured in the past.  I drove past his house, just to see his car missing. Automatically I drive to the block that always has given me the *YUCK* feeling.

The block was long. I remember driving to the left first and seeing no sign of him or his car.

I make a U-TURN and once again ask for a sign, ANYTHING. His phone is still going to voicemail and by now I feel like I’m going to throw up everywhere. I continue to drive to the right and suddenly see exactly what I asked for but didn’t feel the happiness that I thought I would feel.

It was his car. I sat there reading the license plate over and over just to make sure I was correct. YUP, it was him. I called my sister (It was about 4 AM at this time.) Thankfully she answered. I told her I found him where I thought he was and from there I just ran out of the car.

I began Banging on the door and screaming his name. A voice answered from inside asking “Who is it?” I continued to bang and knock obnoxiously, hoping for him to come right out. Nobody did.

The next thing I remember is banging on his car and telling him if he doesn’t come out I will f*ck his whole car up. At this point the last thing I cared about was the consequences. ( I didn’t mess his car up so I can say this LOL )

I was screaming every profanity that you could think of JUST TO GET A REACTION..

Finally the front door opens..

Well, I’m sorry to leave you on a cliff hanger but this entry is long enough. I hope that with the support we have you will continue to the next part to find out what happened. Not every good story is told in one..

Check me out next week for the rest of “Caught him.”


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