About Britters.

Why did I start this blog?

Since I could remember I would go to the store with my Father and constantly ask him to buy me a new notebook. I feel like my first “favorite” was writing. It went from random stories, to poems, to journals. Anything I could write about I would and when it came to my emotions writing has been my favorite outlet. I was born in Brooklyn, I moved at 4 years old when my parents split to Long Island. Throughout that journey I have experienced happiness, hurt, betrayal and more. I started this blog to interact with others. I want to let people know even the most heart wrenching and craziest experiences, there is always someone who can relate to them. I do not judge because I have been through things that I would hope I would never have been judged for. This blog will be nothing but open, sincere, and honest. You may relate to somethings and may not relate to others.

All I can say is, Welcome to my Life.