The Disconnect.

Read: Its a bright sunny morning and you open your eyes but for some reason you don’t feel bright and sunny inside. That’s the morning I have someday’s and it bothers me because I can’t seem to figure out why. Do you ever wake up and feel down? You start your day expecting the worst, or even just feeling sad for absolutely no reason? There are times that this happens to me and it makes me feel so confused. I wonder if other people wake up this way or is it just me?

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After the “First” Heartbreak


Read: Let’s start this blog off with a bang. Now when it comes to social media, real life, I like to keep it as honest as can be. One day I’ll talk S#@! and the next day I’ll have no feelings. I have people asking all the time, who hurt you? What makes you so blunt? Why this, why that. Well let’s say experience really does mold you. I started my first real relationship at 16 years old. I had no idea that almost 10 years later I would be sitting here staring at a computer investing my time and energy into sharing my heart break story with anyone else. There are certain times in your life that you can remember from just the smell of a scent, or the reminder of scenery. All of a sudden you wind up right back in that space, remembering that exact moment.

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